Student Discounts in Leamington Spa

I am more than aware local competitors frequent my blog so for now exact figures shall only be known to the SmarterCard team, however I am delighted to say orders have been flying in!

The majority of exclusivity agreements have now been returned to us so details of our student discounts are being posted on SmarterNights/Smarter-Card/ by the end of next week. We have chosen to do exclusivity agreements as we identified our competitors, such as the SPLAT card, are not locking in their respective suppliers.

In effect, this meant we were able to trawl through offers advertised on sites such as, contact the companies involved, negotiate a better discount and then prevent our competitors replicating such a procedure. Harsh, but fair. The SmarterCard is, obviously, the Smarter Way for students to save money during their time at university so our offers have to be the best!

The real purpose of this post, I suppose, is because I’m not convinced the SmarterCard is performing as well as it should do for important keywords (and phrases). Rest assured, I’ll have the SmarterCard in the top 5 Google SERPs for “Student Discounts in Leamington Spa” by the end of next week. Chances are it’ll be this post, but I can do a bit of redirecting later down the line should that be required :0)

As if I haven’t harped on about it enough already, a little reminder of the student discounts in Leamington Spa available exclusively with the SmarterCard:

– students can save money on food at Dominos, Pizza Hut, Subway, King Baba (Indian), Fu Garden (Chinese) and Brunswick Balti;
– student pay less for drinks at The Avenue, The Tavistock, The Jug & Jester and Kelseys Bar;
– students can save money on hair and beauty at Spa Nails & Beauty, Blaze (hair salon) and the Tanning Shop;
– students can obtain special rates on everything else from driving lessons and travel passes (inc. the student railcard) to clothing and furniture.

The SmarterCard student saver card.
Local discounts, nationwide.

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