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Student Discounts Coventry Earlsdon Leamington Spa

The Smarter Card student saver card. Local discounts, nationwide.

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I’m pretty set on the above wording, which will be used on any SmarterCard related content over at That said, I am still toying with Save money with the Smarter Card. Local discounts, nationwide.

It might seem like much ado about nothing, however the wording is important for two reasons. Firstly, it has to contain the right mix of keywords to get the SmarterCard found in Google. Secondly, it has to make sense in doing so. There’s no benefit in using in a bunch of keywords that work with the search engines but not real people!

Thus far, the SmarterCard is valid for student discounts in Coventry, Earlsdon and Leamington Spa, thus covering Coventry University and the University of Warwick. We’re now in the process of branching out into Birmingham and Nottingham to cover Aston University, Birmingham University, Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham.

We are looking to get in contact with businesses local to Manchester and Leeds before the end of 2009, meaning we can launch the SmarterCard to the majority of students in the Midlands and North of England within 12 months of now. On the back of an initial launch we anticipate expansion into Bath, Bristol, Southampton, Portsmouth and the London based universities soon after.

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