I’ve noticed a spike in traffic for terms related to the moving-in process for student accommodation in Leamington Spa. If you’re moving into a student property anywhere else in the UK this information should still apply, save details of your water supplier.

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So, you’ve just moved into your student property in Leamington Spa. Be sure to deal with the following 4 issues as soon as possible:

1. Gas & Electric supply

When you move into your student accommodation you should start by taking meter readings for gas & electricity.

You will probably find correspondence from your providers, but if you don’t you can find out your supplier by calling the numbers below. Get in touch ASAP and provide your readings, otherwise you may end up with an (over)estimated bill.

Find your gas supplier: 08706 081 524
Find your electricity supplier: 08456 030 618

2. Water Supply

All properties in Leamington Spa are supplied by Severn Trent. Call them on 08475 500 500 and let them know the dates of your tenancy i.e. 1st September 2012 until 31st July 2013. Water is typically billed yearly so this will save you paying for the month (or two) that you aren’t living in the property.

3. Get on-line

99% of student properties in Leamington Spa fall within the reach of Virgin Media cable broadband. This is the fastest, cheapest solution for students. Right now Virgin Media are offering a 9 month student package. They also have a number of offers on 12 month Broadband as well as phone and TV bundles.

If you fall outside of the Virgin Media cable area we suggest you go for Orange Broadband as they have the best deal on Unlimited Downloads.

4. Protect your belongings

Endsleigh Insurance are the leading provider of students contents insurance, with packages tailored to suit your needs.


All done! Now enjoy yourself and don’t forget to study 🙂

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