It’s no secret that I play the occasional game on my PS3 – mostly Call of Duty, Gran Turismo 5 and Fifa  – and I have been working on a number of projects which will help me  to monetise that hobby. For now, I need to capture as much content as possible and, in recent weeks, I have been recording a COD MW3: Road To Commander series, which is being uploaded to my (gaming only) YouTube channel, iKingOfHouse.

I’m about 30 games in and the AVerMedia Game Capture HD hasn’t skipped a beat. Sadly, the same can’t be said for my PS3 which gave up the ghost last Wednesday. I can’t complain too much as it is an original 40GB model (although I upgraded the PS3’s HD a while ago) and has served me well for the past 5 years!

A quick look on YouTube suggests YLOD is easy enough to fix if you have the required tools and plenty of patience. As I have neither, I decided to go out and buy a new one. Thankfully, Sainsbury’s have the 160GB PS3 slim on offer over Easter, so this only set me back £164.99. If you’re reading this post after Easter, your best bet is probably going to be Tesco, who are knocking them out at £189.99.

For those of you wanting to fix your PS3 or in need of help ejecting stuck discs, read on…

Sainsbury’s Easter Offer
160 GB PS3 slim only £164.99 with free home delivery

Ejecting stuck discs from a PS3 with YLOD

Whilst searching for videos on how to repair YLOD, I came across one tutorial which suggested blasting your PS3 with a hair dryer for some 45 minutes. The video stated that this isn’t going to fix your PS3, but will allow you to switch it on for long enough to eject any discs which are stuck inside. Thankfully, I found a much easier solution in the depths of the Google SERPs!

All you need to do is switch off the PS3 completely – in my case, using the switch at the back of the machine. Then, hold down the eject button and switch the PS3 back on. I’m not exactly sure why, but the PS3 will then kick into life with the fans on full tilt, before ejecting the disc and turning off again. I should point out that this only works on the original ‘fat’ PS3. If you’re trying to eject a disc from inside a PS3 slim, I suggest you follow these instructions.

Fixing PS3 YLOD – tutorial video(s)

Fixing a PS3 is no more complicated the taking it apart, applying some thermal paste to the broken parts, blasting the motherboard with a heat gun and putting it all back together. At a later date I will attempt to fix mine and I will update accordingly. In the meantime, these videos show every step of the process:

Step 1: Take the PS3 apart

Step 2: Apply thermal paste & attack with a heat gun

Step 3: Put your PS3 back together again!

PS3 light sequences – is it YLOD?

PS3 light sequences - identifying YLOD
PS3 light sequences – identifying YLOD

If you turn on your PS3 and the lights flash green, yellow and red, followed by a double beep, then you have an issue with an internal component. Whilst I can’t say for sure, it is most likely going to be the dreaded YLOD (it could be a dodgy power pack). For a full list of light sequences and what they mean, check out this handy guide – “What do the different light sequences on the PS3 mean?

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