SmarterNights: The Smarter Card & Event Promotion

SmarterNights as a concept has been mulling around in my mind for a couple of years now, with the intention of providing the following services at launch:

– online booking for nights out including restaurants, bar seating, nightclub entry and hotels

– online ordering for food, beverages and DVDs

I have slowly been generating content on, relevent to the above services, in an effort to search engine optimise the site prior to launch at some point towards the end of 2009. However, due to a random chain of events following on from SmarterHousing‘s move into bigger premises in Royal Leamington Spa, an opportunity arose to launch SmarterNights in a semi-functional form: providing student offers & discounts through the Smarter Card and promoting student nightlife under Smarter Nights promotions.

It may have taken me until 2 a.m., but I’m fairly happy with my first draft of A deal was agreed with the owner of Evolve Nightclub only yesterday and given our first night – Touch – launches on Tuesday 6th January, we have to start promoting immediately. Over the coming week we will be ensuring a solid format for the evening such as DJs, drinks promotions and an overall theme so we can prepare event fliers and promo materials straight after Christmas.

If there’s a lesson to this post, it is that entrepreneurs must be able to make rapid assessments of a business opportunity and act upon early decisions without delay!

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