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At the moment I am in the process of restructuring my post categories as they have become somewhat cluttered over the last 2 years. In doing so I hope to make a better distinction between the business element of this blog, such as lessons learned since founding the Smarter Group in 2005, and the personal side, covering my interests in technology, gaming and motorsport as well as family matters.

On the business front, I am working on a guide which will be useful to anyone interested in making money online, providing step by step instructions for starting an income generating website within 24 hours. This brings me to Smarter Web Design, owned by a friend of mine – Nicholas Harper.

To ensure my guide has some substance I have recently crafted a number of websites to use as examples and Nick was kind enough to offer up his graphic design skills to improve the header and background images I had put in place.

In exchange I offered to help with the indexing of one of his latest websites, and this post serves as a glorified way of putting the aforementioned link before Google’s indexing bots.

If you’re looking for someone to help with web or graphic design I wouldn’t hesitate in suggesting Nick’s services.

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