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Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

In my review of  Sleep Talk Recorder, I mentioned a related app called Sleep Cycle Alarm clock, by Maciek Drejak Labs.

Sleep Cycle Alarm now supports iTunes music

Sleep Cycle Alarm now supports iTunes music

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The application works on the theory that we don’t sleep in a linear fashion. Instead, we have a period of deep sleep surrounded by clyclical phases of light sleep and dreaming.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock uses the iPhones built in gyroscope to monitor your movement during the night and thus determine when you are in the light phase of sleep. By playing an alarm when you are in the light phase, as opposed to dreaming or deep sleep, you wake up feeling refreshed. The alarm comes in gradually over a 30 minute period to prevent the effects of a harsh wake up call.

Maciek Drejak Labs, developers of Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock, have updated the application  so that it now allows you to select music from your iPod as opposed to the (awful) pre-loaded alarm sounds. This update is fantastic and having used the application numerous times I can confirm it does help you to wake up feeling refreshed.

You can download Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock on iTunes .

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