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Simon Edhouse and…. shed loads of site visitors

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I’d totally forgotten about my post on Mr. Simon Edhouse as I had been waiting for some kind of update from the man himself. Yet, in the early hours of Friday night / Saturday morning I have Google Analytics to give me a helpful reminder. Site traffic is up nearly tenfold, with pretty much everyone viewing that Simon Edhouse post (a few seem to find this Clarkson Rant more interesting).

A quick check of and there’s no obvious signs of a response.  Read a little deeper though and there are some interesting links in there.

Starting with the entry Friends… your new enemies on Edgepolitics, Simon Edhouse’s blog, the response isn’t quite what I had expected. It seems Simon has identified a huge gap in the market and is using this as an opportunity to promote this groundbreaking new venture. Here’s a sneak peak:

I think there is a huge area of opportunity here, to appeal to ‘non-consumers’ of open-networks. These would be networks that people used to conduct genuine conversations with real friends from the real world. They would not necessarily be exclusive of strangers, but rather protective of relationships. New acquaintances could be invited in based on genuine qualification, again, in the real world.

Yep. Facebook. Moving on…

Maybe I’m missing something. Simon Edhouse said the whole thing was a fake, so where is the proof of this? Nothing on Edgepolitics that’s for sure.

Another obscure tweet let me over to this debate on Going through the comments from Simon Edhouse and again, nothing conclusive. Amongst the comments I found this confusing statement:

(David wrote a warm recommendation about that period on my Linkedin page which I deleted when we had a falling out)

According to Simon Edhouse, he and David Thorne are old friends who have fallen out. Surely, deleting this comment (if it did exist) is removing proof (of which there may be no more) that they did get along at some point. That just seems a little strange…..

The waiting game continues!

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  • Anonymoose

    If the e-mails are fake, then it’s a really good joke. If they are real, then David Thorne is my hero and Simon Edhouse can stuff his Facebook clone in a place where few things should be stuffed.

  • Simon Edhouse

    If you are serious, and want to hear the mundane truth, I can shed a little light on this bizarre situation. – First point is that the so called email conversation that David put up on his site, was totally constructed by David. – This has been proven by the way. I asked Cory Doctorow to ask David which email address he had used to send these emails to. (because I can get a log from my ISP of all the emails I received on those days) – David’s answer to Cory came in the form of one of his fake emails with an expanded header from a ‘de Masi Jones’ email address. (where we both worked together in 2002/03) In other words, he is claiming that that he had received them from, and sent them to “Simon’s deMasi Jones email address”… Well, this was a big roll of the dice by David, because, I left de Masi Jones 5 years ago. Also the emails had the Virtusoft signature on the bottom. – I resigned from deMasi Jones and went back to University and did a Master’s degree, then started Virtusoft. – I can assure you my email account at deMasi Jones finished the day I left.

    So… the obvious question is: Why did David do it? David has a history of using his friends for comic material, and its usually quite degrading humour that he employs. In my case its odd, because we have been close, although we had had some rough patches and long periods on no contact. However, when he left deMasi Jones quite recently, we exchaged some emails (earlier in November) and I found them offensive and, as we had had many other situations like this, I asked him not to contact me. Then about a week afterwards, he produced the fantasy email conversation… This was David’s revenge for me asking him not to contact him… its as simple, and as weird as that.

  • focofacs

    do.. not.. believe.. you Edhouse

  • Paul Hunt

    Simon Edhouse…. a BITTER MAN!

  • Adam_Arnold

    Is this the same David Thorne?!


    From: Justin Flecker
    Date: Sunday 6 May 2012 6.52pm
    To: David Thorne
    Subject: Lamp

    I received your note but you cant go onto other peoples property and take things, that’s trespassing. Massanutten is a wooded area and I installed that light for security. It’s a safety issue. I can’t help it if some of the light goes across the road, close your curtains if it bothers you.

    From: David Thorne
    Date: Sunday 6 May 2012 7.41pm
    To: Justin Flecker
    Subject: Re: Lamp

    Hello Justin,

    Thank you for your email. While I accept that curtains are usually the key to community accord, in this instance they would need to be constructed of eight-inch-thick lead sheeting. Last night, with my curtains closed and bedside light off, I read a book. Wearing sunglasses. Under a blanket.

    Though unconvinced that blinding local fauna is the best solution, I do understand the heightened need for security living in a wooded area such as the gated community of Massanutten demands. Having formerly lived my entire life in Australia, I am unfamiliar with much of the local wildlife but I did see my first raccoon last week. I stepped outside to have a cigarette and the raccoon, sitting less than five feet away beside an up-ended bin eating the remains of a Domino’s Artisan Tuscan Salami pizza, hissed at me. Surprised, I threw myself backwards, rolled several times toward the door, and sprang to my feet holding the welcome-mat above my head to appear taller. Sometime during the roll-spring-mat maneuver, probably during the roll part as it was over gravel and I was wearing shorts and a thin t-shirt so I had to take it slow, the raccoon left. Which probably isn’t as exciting a story as it should be but this isn’t Borneo and I’m not Jack London.

    I did see a snake the other day though. I picked up a stick to poke it with which also turned out to be a snake. Jumping back in panic, I threw it away from me, but our dog thought I was playing fetch and I had to run and jump over a creek to get away.

    As such, this weekend I intend to set up a canister of poisonous gas in my yard with an industrial fan behind it. I can’t help it if some of the gas goes across the road.

    Regards, David.

    From: Justin Flecker
    Date: Monday 7 May 2012 2.14pm
    To: David Thorne
    Subject: Re: Re: Lamp

    Is that meant to be a threat? Put something up in your window if you don’t like the light, we lived here 5 years before you even moved into the neighborhood and got along perfectly with Ryan who lived at your property before you. We went to his BBQ’s and I loaned him our mower. We get along with all our neighbors. I dont know what you people do in your own country but in this country we dont go onto other peoples property and touch their stuff.

    From: David Thorne
    Date: Monday 7 May 2012 3.37pm
    To: Justin Flecker
    Subject: Re: Re: Re: Lamp

    Dear Justin,

    In my country, terawatt globes are reserved for police helicopter chases and warning sailors of hazardous shoals. This is despite the fact that practically every living creature there can kill you in under three minutes. Our primary spoken language is screaming.

    I’m not surprised you get along well with all the other neighbours. If you put fifty children with Down’s syndrome in a room there is going to be a lot of hugging.

    And no, it was not a threat. It was an exaggerated response to an uncompromising stance. I was taught never to make a threat unless you are prepared to carry it out and I am not a fan of carrying anything. Even watching other people carrying things makes me uncomfortable. Mainly because of the possibility they may ask me to help.

    I did consider installing a floodlight as bright as yours, but this would require some form of carrying things, electrical wiring knowledge, and access to a power supply capable of producing that amount of wattage. Probably fusion. As I am told off by my partner for wasting money when I leave the light on in the bathroom overnight, I can only speculate to what her reaction would be to an electricity bill eight times our annual income for retaliatory garden lighting. She would probably have to get a third job.

    It would be much cheaper to stand in my driveway and throw rocks. I can’t help it if some of the rocks go across the road. You should probably put something up in your window.

    Regards, David.

    From: Justin Flecker
    Date: Tuesday 8 May 2012 10.01am
    To: David Thorne
    Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Lamp

    Did you take our lamp again asshole? What part about not being allowed to go on our property don’t you get?

    From: David Thorne
    Date: Tuesday 8 May 2012 10.32am
    To: Justin Flecker
    Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Lamp

    Dear Justin,

    No, I did not take the light again. I relocated it again. Its current location may be discovered by deciphering the following set of clues to its whereabouts. Perhaps you could invite your friend Ryan over and treat it as a kind of treasure hunt:

    1. It’s in the letterbox again.
    2. Look in the letterbox.

    As I realise this probably won’t narrow it down much for you, I will give you a third clue in the form of a riddle:

    What burns with the light of a thousand suns and is in the letterbox?

    Regards, David.

    From: Justin Flecker
    Date: Tuesday 8 May 2012 11.15am
    To: David Thorne
    Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Lamp

    I put a smaller lamp in so you can shut the f0ck up now. Don’t email me again and if you ever trespass on our property again I will press charges.

    From: David Thorne
    Date: Tuesday 8 2012 12.02pm
    To: Justin Flecker
    Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Lamp

    Dear Justin,

    What if I have a barbecue and need to send you an invitation? Is it ok to email you then?

    Regards, David.

    From: Justin Flecker
    Date: Tuesday 8 May 2012 12.18pm
    To: David Thorne
    Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Lamp

    No it’s not ok.

    From: David Thorne
    Date: Tuesday 8 May 2012 12.27pm
    To: Justin Flecker
    Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Lamp

    Dear Justin,

    What if I need to borrow your lawn-mower? I can’t invite people over for a barbecue and expect them to stand in long grass. Someone might be bitten by a snake. It’s a safety issue.

    Regards, David.

    From: Justin Flecker
    Date: Tuesday 8 May 2012 3.26pm
    To: David Thorne
    Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Lamp

    F*ck off back to Austria.

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