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SmarterNights can be considered the SmarterGroup’s “nightlife division”. The domain name was purchased last year when I decided to launch a one-stop-shop for individuals planning a night at home or on the town. In fully functional form SmarterNights will enable the user to perform basic tasks for a night in or a night out:

A Smarter night in

Online food ordering
Online beverage ordering
Online DVD ordering

A Smarter night out

Online taxi reservation (journey into town and/or journey home again)
Online seat reservation (for pre-bars or nightclub VIP)
Online table reservation (for restaurants)
Online ticket reservation (for nightclubs or other events, such as a comedy club)

I had no intention to launch SmarterNights until 2010, however a random series of events involving SmarterHousing provided the opportunity to promote Tuesday nights at Evolve Nightclub, and as such the SmarterNights brand has been launched early to cater for this opportunity. For now, SmarterNights will focus on student nightlife and ‘The Smarter Card’.

Information relevant to SmarterNights student promotions and the Smarter Card was uploaded to and early in December 2008, at which point SmarterNights would not show up in the Google search engine results pages (“SERPs”), even for the term “SmarterNights”!

As of 31st December 2008, SmarterNights now appears in the Google SERPs for the following:

#1 SmarterNights
#1 Smarter Nights
#1 “the Smarter Card”
(but not yet ‘the Smarter Card’ without quotes)
#1 student night royal leamington spa

#2 student night leamington
#3 evolve nightclub royal leamington spa
#4 evolve nightclub leamington spa
#5 student night leamington spa
#6 “Smarter Card” (but not yet ‘Smarter Card’ without quotes)

It is essential for any brand related search to appear in the #1 position for Google and other SERPs, in this case “Smarter Nights”, “SmarterNights” and “the Smarter Card”. The most obvious reason for this is to ensure no potential business is missed when a curious individual does a search for your company name. Perhaps this individual heard your company name in conversation and wants to find out more, or perhaps they saw your eye-catching brand logo but weren’t able to make out your contact information.

As an aside, if searches for your company name appear #1 in the SERPs then it also allows you to deploy some very subtle marketing:

SmarterNights presents
SmarterNights presents Touch @ Evolve

The example above is a basic flyer in use for touch @ Evolve, the first event hosted by SmarterNights. It is the event which is important, so the focus is not cluttered with information about SmarterNights. However, if any flyer recipients wish to find out more about the company, I am confident they will be able to find it.

Progress thus far has come from a focus on two key elements of Search Engine Optimisation:

1. Content and SEO

Content is king when it comes to obtaining good results in the SERPs. For SmarterNights, we have been sure to keep content very concise – with regular mentions of SmarterNights, event locations and benefits at these locations obtainable through ownership Smarter Card. A number of pages are dedicated to providing venue information, particularly in Royal Leamington Spa which is where the SmarterNights is based.

2. Internal Links and SEO

Google likes a decent amount of internal linking, so the information on is structured in such a way that pages link from one another and, through use of a footer to display “SmarterNights is part of the SmarterGroup”, each page of content links back to the homepage.

Ongoing search engine optimisation concerning SmarterNights will focus on less obvious searches, such as “student nightlife” and bar or club related searches in Leamington Spa, Warwick and Coventry.

Click HERE to visit the SmarterNights website.

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