#sbs Small Business Sunday

This time last year I was fortunate enough to win Small Business Sunday, a weekly Twitter competition hosted by Theo Paphitis. At the time, entry required use of the hashtag #TheoSBS, although this has since been shortened to #SBS.

Small Business Sunday Entry Requirements

The #sbs competition is open to all and is free to enter. For further details, check out the following video by #sbs winner Shelly Kilford of Top Pocket PA.

@TheoPaphitis get local discounts, nationwide with the @SmarterCard – supporting small businesses & saving money. Win – win! #sbs [retweeted by Theo Paphitis on 31/10/2010]

In the event you cannot view the above video, the rules are:

1. Entries must be submitted between 17:00 & 19:30 on any given Sunday;
2. Tweet details of your business to @TheoPaphitis; and
3. Make sure you include the #sbs hashtag.

Small Business Sunday winners

Each week, Theo Paphitis will retweet his favourite 6 #sbs entries.  For me, exposure to his 190,000 subscribers resulted in a couple of business deals and a nice chunk of extra followers. Considering it didn’t cost a penny to enter, that is a really good deal.

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In an effort to give something back to #sbs, I have been giving free SEO advice to Small Business Sunday winners for the past month.  The advice given is completely free of charge and includes a full website review and suggestions for how to make things better. To date I have worked with just under twenty #sbs winners and I am really pleased with their feedback, although I am surprised more people haven’t taken up the offer.

Published by Adam Arnold

Adam Arnold is a 20(ish), father & founder of the Smarter Group; a member of CTVF500; Entrepreneur in Residence @ Wolves Uni; SPEED+ Mentor & an #sbs winner.