Before I get into any detail, I must congratulate Alyssa for her #sbs win on Sunday 22nd January, 2012.  For more information on why I do these, please read this post.

Alyssa Smith, a bespoke and celebrity jeweller specialising in contemporary and personalised jewellery. Buy online at

Alyssa has confessed to being a little scared of technology, so I shall try to make this #sbs SEO freebie as simple as possible, focussing on techniques that require absolutely no technical know-how.

SEO is made up of three elements. The first, on-site SEO, concerns all of the content on any given website. The second, structure/code, merely enables you to get the best out of your on-site SEO. Finally, off-site SEO, is the way in which you publicise your products and services elsewhere on the web.

On-site SEO

Images names

Images are a really great way to improve your position in the search engine results pages (‘SERPs’). Right now, pretty much all of your images are a missed opportunity as they aren’t named properly. Whilst some mention the name of your design, the majority have been uploaded directly from a digital camera and bear names such as DSC2302354.jpg.

With images, you have up to 70 characters to make an impact on search engines. Always try to follow the same format when naming images, for example:

[Company Name] [Product Name] [Short Description].jpg

As an example, consider the following: should be something like Smith Jewellery – Amazeballs – Sterling Silver Necklace.jpg

Whilst that may seem like a really long image name it is only 66 characters and is a massive improvement on DSCF1844!

The point of doing this is to give search engines a better understanding of the content on your pages. They don’t have eyes, so you need to tell them it’s all about Alyssa Smith Jewellery.

Other considerations

If I were to address all of the issues here, I would suggest getting a sitemap.xml file, custom page titles [much like images these are currently a wasted opportunity] and meta descriptions [a 160 character section of text which tells search engines what to expect; most of these are blank at the moment].

Code wise, your website is completely sound so I shall avoid mentioning it 🙂

Off-site SEO

I know you already have a Twitter presence, but I can’t see any mention of Facebook, Google+ or Linked In. All of these websites offer a great way for you to build up credible back-links to your website. Whenever you add a new product or have some interesting news to share, mention it on all of the above with a link to the corresponding page on your website.

Beyond social media, get involved with blogs and forums.  A quick search of Google led me to the UK Jewellers’ Collective. Sign-up for a free account and set up your signature along  these lines:

Kind regards,

Alyssa Smith
Celebrity Jeweller

Once done, introduce yourself and get involved in topics that introduce you. So long as you’re not blatantly spamming your products, forum owners tend to turn a blind eye to links in your signature.

I’m sure you can find others without too much work 🙂

If you invest just 30 minutes per day in forums, blogs and social media you will be building up a great portfolio of back-links which helps to push you up the SERPs.

Just bear in mind – you need to be engaging on relevant forums. It’s ok to get involved with general business & entrepreneurship websites (Young Entrepreneur being one that springs to mind) but I suggest focussing on jewellery, fashion and design.

Good luck 🙂

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Adam Arnold is a 20(ish), father & founder of the Smarter Group; a member of CTVF500; Entrepreneur in Residence @ Wolves Uni; SPEED+ Mentor & an #sbs winner.

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