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Savvi Student Discount Card

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Smarter Housing – Raising The Standard is a registered trademark. Sadly, I didn’t bother doing the same thing for the Smarter Card. This is partly because I have been using a variety of strap-lines and guaging how these perform in the search engines.

Amongst others I have used:

Smarter Card – exclusive local offers, nationwide
Smarter Card – local offers, nationwide
Smarter Card – local discounts, nationwide

In terms of search engine performance I prefer ‘local discounts, nationwide’ but temporarily ran with ‘local offers, nationwide’ as the Smarter Card is more than just a student discount card.

This morning I was reviewing performance for the ‘exclusive local offers, nationwide’ strap line and was shocked to see it in use on another website – the Savvi Student Discount Card.

My response to this is obvious – ramp up my efforts on the Smarter Card. In the meantime I shall leave you with this:

Imitation is the sincerest (form) of flattery

- Charles Caleb Colton

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