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In the following video, Infinity¬† Ward’s Community Manager Robert Bowling answers a number of questions on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. If you don’t have time to watch the whole interview, skip to 10 min 25 sec for a quick fire Q&A round!

Pre-order Modern Warfare 3

At the start of the video, Robert deals with criticism regarding the Modern Warfare 3 game engine and the fact MW3 looks almost identical to MW2. Robert argues that Infinity Ward prefer to focus on the gameplay over the graphics. I’m more than happy with this response as Modern Warfare 2 still looks good and with a few small tweaks (commando lunge, one-man-army ‘noob¬† tubes’ and deathstreaks esp. painkiller) could easily be the best first person shooter ever made.

The interview quickly touches on Call of Duty Elite and Robert was quick to point out this doesn’t mean Modern Warfare is becoming a pay to play experience. All of the multiplayer features are still available free of charge.

Objective based game modes and the MW3 spawn system are discussed before the interview moves onto some rapid questions and answers:

Modern Warfare 3 Q&A (FAQ?)

Does Price Return? Won’t say.
Can you quickscope in MW3? Yes.
Are there dedicated sniper lobbies? Yes.
Have deathstreaks been removed? Won’t say.
Are there features for reporting bugs, glitches, cheating and boosters? Yes (Elite)
Has the melee system changed? Yes.

Robert does a good job of skirting some of the questions posed but he amidts Infinity Ward like a bit of secrecy. Who can blame them? Secrecy causes speculation which, in this day and age, means a heap of free publicity on the internet.

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