Richard Branson on Virgin Unite

Richard Branson talks about the launch of his latest charity, Virgin Unite.

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  1. Posted by Adam Arnold

    Contact Richard
    Weird event tonight in Times Square
    Went to Virgin Records & chased out by mgmt.

    It seems Hillary of the cops or Obama is really tying to stop us.

    Google Richard Branson Al Gore World Peace

    I handed out not 1000 flyers

    it was 1200 instead!!!!!
    Google American Patriot Jeff Fisher
    Tell everyone about it!!!!!
    Google Tom Heneghan & Stew Webb also.
    Tell everyone about that also!!!

  2. Posted by Adam Arnold

    The idea of the threat of global warming was put forward in the Club of Rome document, The First Global Revolution. Are we into the realms of telling King Canute he can control the tide? Did the ice caps of Mars melt because of SUVs?

  3. Posted by Adam Arnold

    latinos, where does that come from? you guys make good tacos, but you guys arn’t even in the game. open a history book. ahem and what language are you speaking. yep, theres a reason for that.

  4. Posted by Adam Arnold

    riiight. Keep telling yourself that lil chump. intelligent.. lmao. i’ve got bigger and better things to do atm.. go pick on some other indian guy to insult.. i’m far too busy you see. haha.. bet you feel like an absolute bag o shit right now.

  5. Posted by Adam Arnold

    He will do more good in the world in one hour, then your jealous, hate-filled heart ever could in a lifetime shooting down people who are actually in a position to make a significant difference in the world.

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