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Richard Branson on his entrepreneurial journey

Richard you’ll either go to prison or become a millionaire

Sir Richard Branson talks with Harry Smith about his journey from dyslexic high school dropout to one of the world’s richest men (CBS News).

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Posted by Adam Arnold

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  • fasharoony

    Posted by Adam Arnold

    He is a great guy, cheers Richard !

  • crediki

    Posted by Adam Arnold

    If the world could ever be like Richard Branson and Jimmy Buffett, what a very cool world this would be.

  • barbeque44

    Posted by Adam Arnold

    WOW what a character. Imagine if half the CEO’s in the US were like that. My Hats off to Richard , what a gentleman

  • QuantumBANG

    Posted by Adam Arnold

    Thank you for sharing your challenge with dyslexia. We are so fortunate to have someone like you to be a model for others struggling with an invisable disability. This certainly is empowering in a society that usually focuses on the negative instead of the great ability of people! Keep dreaming big and keep on going straight past the moon!

  • mudaphucker
  • drmop2

    Posted by Adam Arnold

    a hero of man.

    i got kicked out of school for having the same thing as sir richard.

  • rockinar

    Posted by Adam Arnold

    I like turtles

  • ctxflyer

    Posted by Adam Arnold

    What a gentleman….
    We are so fortunate to live at the same time as this very,very nice man…

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