Earlier this week I replaced the hard drive from my original (“fat”) Sony Playstation 3, upgrading from 40 to 250 GB of storage. The whole process took less than an hour and, in hindsight, I wish I had performed the upgrade a long time ago.

Once the new HD was installed, both BBC iPlayer and Channel 4 OD were missing from my Playstation dashboard. After a little bit of searching I managed to find a solution and have shared this, below.

How to upgrade your PS3’s HD / internal storage

Removing the old PS3 hard drive is easier than you think:

– copy your saved game data to a memory stick;
– open the HD cover on the side of your PS3;
– remove the retention screw & slide the HD cradle over to the right;
– slowly pull the HD cradle from your PS3;
– remove the 4 screws that hold the HD into the cradle;
– remove the old HD;
– place your new HD in the cradle and secure with the 4 screws mentioned above;
–  slide the HD cradle back inside your PS3;
– slide the  HD cradle back to the left and lock in place;
– replace the retention screw;
– replace the HD cover;
– boot up your PS3 and click “yes” when prompted to format your HD; and
– copy the game saves from your memory stick back to your PS3.

Should you require additional assistance, I suggest watching the video below:

Restoring BBC iPlayer & Channel 4OD

Sign into PSN and then go to account management > system activation > video > [activate].  Once done, you should see PS Home appear on your dashboard.

Navigate to PS Home and allow it to download/install the necessary files. From what I can work out, installing PS Home rebuilds the ‘TV/Video Services’ menu and, as you can see, restores the ‘My Channels’ option.

You can then install BBC iPlayer and 4OD from ‘My Channels’.

Restore BBC iPlayer & 4OD after PS3 HD upgrade
Restore BBC iPlayer & 4OD after PS3 HD upgrade

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