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Response to UK riots: sales of baseball bats soar

Response to UK riots: sales of baseball bats soar

Looking for some additional protection? You’re not the only one!

This list of movers & shakers on the Amazon website shows some alarming figures. Since the UK riots began, sales of some sports goods have increased almost 40,000%!

Currently topping the charts are a Police style truncheon and a range of aluminium baseball bats, many of which are now showing as out of stock.

With civil unrest spreading from London to Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and now Wolverhampton, Walsall and the rest of the Black Country sales of such items are no doubt going to continue to grow as communities come together in an attempt to defend their private property.

If you’ve been in a hole for the past two days, the following video should give you an idea of the kind of scenes unfolding across the UK at the moment:

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