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When it comes to presentation tools, I always feel let down by Microsoft Powerpoint so I was all ears when Sarah Taylor of SPEED WM introduced me to Prezi.

This afternoon I had the opportunity to talk to around 20 SPEED WM participants from the University of Wolverhampton and thought I’d give it a try.

My one hour ‘business burst’ gave a very general introduction to search engine optimisation, such as what it is, why it is needed and some basic SEO strategies. Unless you’re using an iOS device, you should see a copy of my presentation, below.

For a first go, I’m very impressed with the outcome and at this point can’t see any reason why I would revert to Powerpoint in the future. There are a few errors with alignment however these are down to the fact I prepared the presentation on a 10 inch Samsung netbook. Next time I’ll remember to leave a little extra room between slides….. or just use a bigger screen!

Update (9th July, 2012): SPEED WM is now known as SPEED Plus. For more details check out their website or like them on Facebook.

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