Orange Thursdays: Film to Go available on iTunes

A little over a month ago I mentioned Orange Thursdays, which allows any Orange customer the chance to download one free film from iTunes every Thursday.

Orange Thursdays (Film To Go iOS app)
Orange Thursdays (Film To Go iOS app)

The offer applies to pay monthly, pay as you go, dial-up, broadband and mobile internet customers and, like Orange Wednesdays, it’s really easy to use.

Orange customers can access their weekly film by texting ‘FILMTOGO’ to 85060, by using the Orange Film To Go mobile app, or by visititing the Orange Film to Go micro site.

At this point I’d love to offer up a review of the Film to Go app, however that isn’t possible as I’m not actually an Orange customer.

Fear not! A quick search of Google suggests the Film to Go app is “utterly brilliant” and provides a completely seamless experience. Good work Orange!

Looking to join Orange?

You can find details of their products and services by following any of the links below.

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Orange mobile internet
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