Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - available 13th November 2012
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – available 13th November 2012

UPDATE: 10th January, 2010. This post was written before Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 hit the shelves. Whilst it turned out to be fairly close to the mark, there are some small inaccuracies. I will post a follow up to my new channel,, early in February (I’m still awaiting delivery of my capture card!)

 Assault kill steaks | Support kill streaks | Specialist kill streaks | Death streaks

In the following list, kill streaks are broken down into three fairly self explanatory categories: lethal, support and specialist.

Lethal and support categories contain many kill streaks that will be familiar to anyone who has played recent Call of Duty titles however the specialist category is completely new and it will be interesting to see how these impact the game.

MW3: lethal assault kill streaks

4 kills:
Care Package
Intelligent Munition System (IMS) (Placeable landmines that cannot be stunned or flashed)

5 kills:
Predator Missile
Sentry Gun

6 kills:
Precision Airstrike

7 kills:
Attack Helicopter
Little Bird Flock (Mini Helicopters that patrol the map)

9 kills:
Little Bird Guard (Big Helicopter that follows you around the map that oversees and protects you)
Reaper (Mortar team with 5 predator missiles)

10 kills:
Talon (Mini Tank robot)

12 kills:

14 kills:
Stealth bomber

15 kills:
Juggernaut (could be similar to attack dogs killstreak or could equip player with the juggernaut suit from Special Ops)
Osprey Gunner CP (Control a chopper gunner with the ability to drop care packages for team mates)

MW3: support kill streaks

3 kills:

5 kills:
Ballistic duffel (air drop a Juggernaut perk for the whole team)
Care package trap (drops an explosive care package)

8 kills:
Sam Turret (shoots at enemy UAVs, Counter-UAVs and air support)

10 kills:
Remote UAV (target enemies with missiles – could be considered a lethal kill streak)

12 kills:
Advanced UAV (similar to Blackbird from Black Ops)
Remote turret  (controllable sentry gun – again, could be considered a lethal kill streak)

18 kills:
Juggernaut Recon Armour (drops a care package containing the juggernaut suit)
Escorted Air Drop (similar to Osprey Gunner, without ability to control the helicopter)

MW3: specialist kill streaks

The specialist kill streaks make an additional perk available to the player until their next death, granted at 2, 4 and 6 kills. It is currently unclear whether or not all three can be in use at the same time, which would theoretically give the player six active perks.

Sadly, the list doesn’t end here. I suspect I’m not the only person who was hoping Modern Warfare 3 wouldn’t include death streaks as they create scenarios in which you can die through no fault of your own.

While it looks like the most frustrating death streak has been removed, a close contender remains. There’s no sign of painkiller but martyrdom is back!

MW3: death streaks

4 deaths:
Juiced (similar to light weight perk)
Martyrom (drops live grenade upon death)
Final Stand (one last chance………… highly irritating)
Revenge (last person to kill you will show up on HUD until your next kill / you end your death streak)
Stopping power (expires after death streak ends)
Dead man’s hand (run around with live C4, which presumably detonates when killed)

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  1. wow the deathstreaks are absolutely dumb. Only CoD will reward you for playing so bad to where you have to make the rest of the lobby get down to your playing level. Glad I didn’t pre-order this game…

    1. Yeah – I’ve never understood the concept of rewarding people for playing badly.

      The presence of death streaks won’t stop me playing the game though. Whilst it’s really annoying to die from a random martydom grenade, for example, that only happens if the other team is taking a substantial beating 🙂

      I doubt anyone has lost a game due to the other team running death streaks…..

      1. Death streaks are designed so people who normally play really badly have a chance of getting some kills. This is so those people don’t just get frustrated with the game and end up rage quitting.

  2. Dude only reason death streaks are gay is because we didn’t have them when we played cod I started from cod1!!! cod 4 did we get death streaks? NO!!! we were forced to get good or get now now people run around with modded controllers because they sucked at waw or just have a freaking hacked xbox. Why cant people get good at the game anymore??

  3. with all the cheating and modify controlers i am happy they have this i am pretty good but cheating takes all the fun out of the game

    1. I’ve not seen any cheating to date. I know there were a couple of glitches (infinite air strike / stealth bomber & people were getting under/outside of Outpost), however these were patched really quickly.

      It looks like IW & Sledgehammer are keeping on top of things this time around which is a welcome change. I remember a ‘rock glitch’ that went unpatched on MW2 until 8 months after Black Ops came out!

  4. shit review…. I read the whole thing for details on dead mans hand. You just said unintelligently what you presume.

    thumbs down

    1. Thank you for such an intelligent and well crafted comment.

      This “review” was uploaded almost three weeks before Modern Warfare 3 was released. Despite your infinite wisdom you fail to notice this can’t possibly be a review.

      That said, my guesstimate regarding Dead Man’s Hand was spot on. At the time when you would ordinarily have been killed, you revert to a final-stand-esque position armed with C4. This is very similar to the suicide bombers you encounter in the game/wave version of Special Ops. It is basically the same as Last Stand except you can only kill yourself as opposed to getting up again if you avoid further damage.

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