Some 10 years ago I picked up my A-Level results. Opening the envelope was just a formality: I already knew I was going to see top marks in Maths, Physics and Economics. Whilst this may seem arrogant I can assure you this confidence was fully justified, thanks to the Bromsgrove School ‘experience’.

Given my son is now working his way through pre-prep, I still have a keen interest in the school, so it should come as no surprise I was delighted with the fact Bromsgrove School is sitting atop the 2012 A-Level results table:

Bromsgrove School: leading the way (A level results - Midland Schools)
Bromsgrove School: leading the way (A level results – Midland Schools)

These results are more impressive given the letter that accompanied them:


Some people have suggested I should have made more marketing capital out of the stellar results. A level, GCSE and International Baccalaureate (we sent our first British IB pupils to Oxford and Cambridge this year) were the finest in our history, and this in a year when many other schools saw results fall due to harsher marking. All Oxbridge A level offers were also achieved. As one parent said:

“But Headmaster, you blew everybody out of the water.” Well fine, but I recall my Latin and Ancient History lessons at this point. As the victorious general celebrated his triumph in Rome by riding through the garland strewn streets, a slave stood beside him in the chariot and whispered in his ear: “Momento mori”, the least morbid translation of which is “The only way is down.” If you want to know how amazing the A level results were, do open the rank order attachment of the great independent Midland A level Schools, but hubris is not a pretty condition and I’m not going to go public by slapping any of these tables or self congratulations over the website and prospectus this year. We celebrate quietly and we move on. If parents are happy with Bromsgrove, they will tell other parents: that’s more important than pie charts. All I will say at this point is that we are an all round School with unashamedly high academic standards, and we ask that all pupils give their best. A hothouse we will never be – we are educating for life, not growing academic marrows – but pupils must hit academic targets if they are to progress through the School.

Chris Edwards – Headmaster – Bromsgrove School – September 2012

Obviously, I want my son to do well academically but I can only ask that he does his best. It is also essential that academic success does not come at the expense of poor social skills, so it is reassuring to see the school hasn’t forgotten the importance of balanced pupils.

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  1. ‘Opening the envelope was just a formality: I already knew I was going to see top marks in Maths, Physics and Economics’.. lovin it

  2. Another year… another set of record results.

    Headmaster Chris Edwards said: “Once again I am delighted and humbled by the pupils’ performance. These are massive cohorts taking the traditional difficult subjects, and after July’s International Baccalaureate success, I wondered if we’d seen all the good news. I was wrong: these results are close to miraculous given that, on paper at least, this was supposed to be a weaker cohort than last year. My unreserved congratulations to staff, parents and, again, the pupils themselves. This is a year we will never forget.”

    Read the full article at

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