Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - available 13th November 2012
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – available 13th November 2012

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From the middle of last week, various sources on YouTube and the wider internet began posting details of the perks and kill / death streaks that will be available in Modern Warfare 3.

While I can’t assure you the following list is 100% accurate, it seems likely that it will be close to the mark. As with all of the recent Call of Duty titles, perks will be broken down into three different slots:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - perk analysis
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – perk analysis

MW3 Perks: Slot One

Extreme Conditioning
Basic perk: sprint longer distances
Pro perk: climb obstacles faster

Sleight of Hand
Basic perk: faster reloading
Pro perk: faster weapon swaps

Basic perk: replenish ammo from dead enemies
Pro perk: start each life with extra ammo

Blind Eye
Basic perk: invisible to support kill streaks
Pro perk: launchers lock on faster & extra damage against support killstreaks

Basic perk: enemies hit by explosives are shown on HUD
Pro perk: enemies hit by bullets are shown on HUD

MW3 Perks: Slot Two

Basic perk: one less kill to obtain each kill streak
Pro perk: two assists count as one kill towards your next streak

Basic perk: invisible to UAV, thermal scope & heartbeat sensors
Pro perk: unaffected by counter-UAV & EMP

Basic perk: equip with two primary weapons
Pro perk: can equip second weapon (which is a primary!) with 2 attachments

Basic perk: aim down sights faster
Pro perk: less time to recover after using equipment or grenades (i.e. can perform next action quicker)

Blast Shield
Basic perk: less susceptible to explosive damage (as per Flak Jacket in Black Ops)
Pro perk: immune to stun and flash grenades (as per Tactical Mask Pro in Black Ops)

MW3 Perks: Slot 3

Basic perk: see location of enemy equipment, such as claymores
Pro perk: enemy footsteps will be amplified

Dead Silence
Basic perk: comparable to ninja (likely this will be silent footsteps, as per Ninja Pro in MW2)
Pro perk: no falling damage (a la Commando Pro in MW2)

Basic perk: faster movement while aiming down sights
Pro perk: delay claymore explosions (comparable to Scrabler Pro in MW2)

Basic perk: ability to ID target from range (similar to scouting ability in Battlefield Bad Company 2)
Pro perk: can hold breath for longer (beneficial to snipers, as per Steady Aim Pro in MW2)

Steady Aim
Basic perk: improved hip-fire accuracy
Pro perk: can aim down sights faster after sprinting

At this stage there doesn’t seem to be anything alarming about the available perks. This will no doubt be a relief to the millions of people who have already ordered their copy of MW3, which is already breaking records – several months before it is due to hit the shelves.

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  1. I can’t wait! So much choice!

    If I’m sniping I’ll probably use sleight of hand, QuickDraw and dead silence but I can see other perks being just as useful.

  2. Mmmmmm extreme conditioning + blast shield + dead silence pro might be my ideal set up (I play Search and Destroy and I like to rush)

  3. Typo in Stalker Pro perk: you put “comparable to SitRep Pro in MW2” when its actually scrambler pro but these new perks look amazing! however i think extreme conditioning and dead silence r mad gay cuz marathon and ninja are what we want not sprinting a second longer or having less noise thats pretty pointless IMO

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