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COD: XP took place in LA on the 2nd & 3rd September and, during the event, gamers were given the chance to experience Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer.

Consequently, I need to update my post MW3 speculation – kill streaks and death streaks based on the information which is now available. In particular, I need to correct some of the predictions regarding MW3’s death streaks:

MW3 death streaks: up to date information

Juiced – 4 consecutive deaths –  similar to the lightweight perk (move faster)
Revenge – 5 consecutive deaths – the last person to kill you shows up on HUD
Hollow Points – 5 consecutive deaths – similar to stopping power perk (extra bullet damage)
Dead Man’s Hand – 6 consecutive deaths – pull out C4 before dying

In the video below, Call of Duty commentator Woodysgamertag gives his opinions on MW3’s death streaks and how they might impact the multiplayer experience.

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