This post is a public “thank you” to Steve Pound, Brand & Commercial Manager at Milltek Sport Performance Exhausts.


Earlier this month I went to see Will Pedley Racing, with the aim of resolving a rather hefty rattle on my ST170. We were pretty sure it was exhaust related as, in true Will Pedley style, he had been to my house to investigate when I told him the car was making funny noises.

Whilst I took a look around WPR’s swanky new unit, Will whipped off the old exhaust and confirmed his suspicion that it was shot to pieces. Thankfully, he had a Milltek stainless steel system waiting to go on.

Unfortunately there was an issue with my existing Milltek de-cat, which sits between the manifold and the about-to-be-fitted exhaust system. Rather than just cobble it back together Will took a good look and suggested a broken bracket had allowed the system to move around which, in turn, had resulted in damage to the “flexi” part of the de-cat.

Will made a few calls and located a replacement Milltek de-cat at Pumaspeed Performance Tuning, based in Wakefield. Within an hour we were back at WPR with the replacement unit….. and a some engine goodies (£300 worth of performance engine mounts).

Milltek Performance Exhausts: De-Cat System for Focus ST170
Milltek Performance Exhausts: De-Cat System for Focus ST170

To their credit, Pumaspeed spoke to Milltek and they agreed to take the faulty part and have it refurbished. Unfortunately that wasn’t an option as I’d driven the car up to Leeds and had to be back in Birmingham that evening, so I bought the replacement unit and the left the faulty part at Pumaspeed, who then had it shipped back to Milltek.

Will fitted the new flexi pipe and sent me on my way….. after I had treated him to the obligatory Burger King!

The next morning, I fired off an e-mail to Milltek explaining the above and Steve Pound was quick to respond, confirming that he had credited Pumaspeed and that if I got in touch they would refund the purchase of the replacement unit.


It’s safe to say Milltek will receive more of my custom in future. Thank you, Steve 🙂

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