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This evening I noticed several Tweets regarding a complaint issued by @MediocreMum, so I read through the timeline to see what all the fuss was about. In essence, MediocreMum attended a course entitled ‘Mastering Social Media’ which was delivered by Ecademy founder, Thomas Power.

As many of you know I went to a Mastering Social Media Course a few weeks ago run by Thomas Power of Ecademy. Some of you found that very laughable, but I genuinely wanted to learn. I hummed and hawed about attending the session, mainly due to the cost as it was £420 inclusive of vat. However, I was assured by a colleague of his that it would be well worth the money and I hold her in high-esteem.

I am absolutely gobsmacked that any one day course which isn’t presented on an individual basis can command a price tag of £420, particularly when it concerns something as simple as Social Media. However, if you’re completely new to Twitter, Facebook and even sites like Ecademy, I can see how one could easily be convinced the course represents true value.

What makes this all the more disgusting is it seems Thomas Power failed to touch on most of the points listed in the Mastering Social Media course programme. A full explanation is given on the MediocreMum blog under the heading Is it British to complain and not do anything about it?

At first I didn’t think I should give the post any attention, however MediocreMum has contacted Ecademy and even spoken with Thomas Power via Twitter. The public name and shame is clearly a last resort and from the attention it is now getting I suspect this could turn into a lesson in social media for Thomas Power and Ecademy!

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Adam Arnold is a 20(ish), father & founder of the Smarter Group; a member of CTVF500; Entrepreneur in Residence @ Wolves Uni; SPEED+ Mentor & an #sbs winner.

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  1. I also attended the course and can only confirm what Chrissie says its true. Much time was wasted sorting out technical problems and un/installing browsers. Little time was spent on delivering the agenda. I also asked for a refund. Unlike the lucky Chrissie, I have not had the luck of any response, yet.

    1. Hi Paedra,

      I would like to think with the attention Chrissie’s post has received, there will be some kind of refund and or additional course provided by Thomas Power.

      However, with that said, the thread which is unfolding on Ecademy hasn’t had a single comment from Mr. Power himself and his cult following is essentially accusing Chrissie of being an opportunist looking to siphon knowledge for her own (yet to be offered) course.

      The fact that several people from the same course – you included – have complained doesn’t seem to make a difference. Everyone is hiding behind a “95% positive review rate” despite the Power’s being known to make up statistics to suit themselves. There’s a classic one on the Ecademy thread: apparently the site has members from more countries than actually exist on Earth!


  2. Yes, I too was on the same course as Paedra and Chrissie and unfortunately travelled all the way from Turkey because I thought I would learn something about LinkedIn, Facebook and blogs. I too have been fobbed off regarding a refund but I shall be pursuing it to the nth degree. They must not get away with this and it’s important that other people do not fall into the same trap further down the line!

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