Late last night I posted a series of Tweets involving Lord Sugar, Donald Trump and Piers Morgan, in which the three bickered about windmills, the Scottish people, The Apprentice and Bank Debt.

I closed Lord Sugar & Donald Trump do battle on Twitter by suggesting it wasn’t over just yet.  However, when I logged in this morning there was no further activity so I assumed I was wrong.

Alan Sugar & Donald Trump in pointless Twitter Row

However, Donald Trump got the ball rolling again this afternoon, attacking Lord Sugar with a series of (9) Tweets:

Donald Trump attacks Lord Sugar's lack of vision & wealth
Round 2: Trump attacks Sugar’s lack of vision & wealth

For a while I thought Lord Sugar had abandoned this seemingly pointless debate. Maybe he needs a little push?

Piers Morgan wades into Alan Sugar vs Donald Trump (again)
Piers Morgan wades into the Alan Sugar vs Donald Trump debate (again)

Ah, yes. Thank you Piers!

If one thing is for sure, Lord Sugar certainly appears to have a better grasp of Twitter. He directs his replies “@” Donald Trump, meaning he doesn’t unnecessarily clog up peoples’ timelines.

If only Trump could do the same… it would make captioning this conversation far less hassle!

Alan Sugar hits back at Donald Trump with Chapter 11 comments
Alan Sugar hits back at Donald Trump… with some facts!

Several hours have passed without any response from Donald Trump. Is it time for Lord Sugar to let it go? Absolutely no chance. Now is the time to hammer home some facts…..

Lord Sugar silences Twitter bully Donald Trump
Lord Sugar silences Twitter bully Donald Trump

I’ve tried to remain impartial whilst reporting copying & pasting these Tweets but Donald Trump lost most of my respect with his “get down on your knees and thank me” nonsense.

There is absolutely no denying that both have done exceptionally well in the world of business but that doesn’t justify being a total moron, especially on something like Twitter!

The longer their little conversation goes on it becomes more apparent Trump has just been throwing around insults whilst Sugar has been coming back at him with fairly factual stuff.

At this point Trump would be better off staying quiet, but something tells me he won’t be able to resist having another dig.

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