It’s fair to say Twitter has provided plenty of entertainment this evening, with Lord Sugar & Donald Trump getting involved in a tit for tat Twitter spat!

Following the conversation was pretty tedious as Trump insisted on Tweeting to himself rather than using the “@” function. Presumably he assumes his followers are morons and don’t understand how Twitter works, thus feeling the need to Tweet in a way which “ensured” they could all see.

I’ve tried to piece together the conversation in chronological order…..

Donald Trump & Lord Alan Sugar go at it on Twitter (6th December 2012)
Donald Trump & Lord Alan Sugar go at it on Twitter (6th December 2012)

It all began with a Tweet (obviously).

Trump was about to go off on one of his Anti-Scot rants when Sugar went in with a cheap dig….

Alan Sugar tells Donald Trump the Scottish don't want him.

Which, as you can imagine, went down like a lead balloon. Trump responds with a few cheap digs of his own….

Donald Trump says Alan Sugar is a bad business man

Wait, he’s not quite finished….

Donald Trump tells Lord Sugar he shouldn't do The Apprentice

Sugar hits back at Trump and questions his real wealth

Trump and Sugar lock horns over The Apprentice

Sugar hits back at Trump with the classic pot, kettle, black

Trump says Lord Sugar is working for him and making him money

At this point, you may be wondering “how long until Piers Morgan sticks his beak in?” Well, not long at all, actually….

Piers Morgan wades into the Trump & Sugar dispute

Trump claims he could easily fire Alan Sugar from the UK Apprentice

Trump ups his game, pumping out one of the strangest Tweets I have ever seen….

Trump says Sugar should be grateful he created The Apprentice

Donald Trump tells Alan Sugar to get down on his knees!

What’s that? Time for Piers Morgan to pipe up again? You bet!

Piers Morgan gets a smackdown from Alan Sugar

Trump interrupts the little side battle with another bizarre Tweet.

Donald Trump tells Lord Alan Sugar "You Are Nothing"

Which reminds Lord Sugar…

Alan Sugar reminds Trump he failed to answer the borrowing question

At the time of posting (Midnight GMT) everything seems to have settled down, although something tells me Trump will come in with another cheap dig while Lord Sugar sleeps. If he does, no doubt everything will kick off again in the morning.

To be honest, I’m a little surprised that Trump hasn’t commented on the borrowing “thing”. Yes, Lord Sugar might own all of his properties outright but Trump has borrowed his way to a net worth in excess of 2 billion dollars… even if he did experience Chapter 11 bankruptcy a few times along the way.

And the winner is….

No-one. The whole thing was pretty pointless and just a battle of egos. That said, I’d have done exactly the same 🙂

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