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Logo Design in Calgary (CANADA)

Edit: Google Analytics has alerted me to traffic to this page from Canada. If you’re one of those people and happen to be looking for logo and/or graphic design in the area check out Bland? Identify Yourself

This post won’t make sense to anyone other than David Bland of Bland? Identify Yourself and is purely to illustrate something we have been discussing in relation to searches on “Logo Design in Calgary” via my good friend Google.

Looking for logo design in Calgary, Canada?
Looking for brand consultancy in Calgary, Canada?

My name is David Bland. I design brand and identity solutions for companies of all sizes. Whether you are looking for a fresh start or simply updating your existing identity, Bland? can help at every stage.

With over twenty years experience, I currently operate both in Canada and the UK and provide a blend of creative and innovative design, controlled and driven by marketing logic and business objectives.
Bland? Identify Yourself

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