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Local student discounts, nationwide

Tenants at SmarterHousing benefit from local student discounts, nationwide.

Найк дисконт
рейтинг брокеров бинарных опционов
Any tenant at the University of Warwick can use their SmarterHousing keyring (now SmarterCard) for student savings in Leamington Spa, Warwick, Earlsdon and Coventry i.e. the discounts are local to their student residence.

In a similar fashion, any student at Birmingham University can use their keyring (now SmarterCard) to obtain special prices and discounts in the city centre and surrounding suburbs. Unlike other student discount cards, however, our arrangements allow students from one university to obtain discounts when ‘on tour’ – be that through sports matches, visiting friends at colleges elsewhere in the country or a good old road trip.

The majority of discounts are available in Leamington Spa, with Coventry and Earlsdon not too far behind. We are slowly building up a larger client base to offer student discounts in Birmingham, Nottingham, and Manchester. Visit for more details.

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  • kaasis85
  • tiger496

    Posted by Adam Arnold

    He needs to sort his hair out.

  • bobodd5

    Posted by Adam Arnold

    I dont think the smokers are the problem im from glasgow and there are pubs everywhere ha

  • jfk144

    Posted by Adam Arnold

    A man who lives and breathes (no pun intended) in the real world, im a big fan Duncan…

  • aandwDESIGN

    Posted by Adam Arnold

    Very good video. Thank you,

  • danzargo

    Posted by Adam Arnold

    The most down to earth businessman there is. It’d take a lot to make him smile, but with his success he can laugh all the way to the bank. Very impressed with his “honesty is the best policy” technique. There are far too many chancers out there who think they can get on by lying. Good man Duncan. Thanks for the tips.

  • redwizard2k6

    Posted by Adam Arnold

    Awesome. Edspecially the smoking, Awesome. Anyone see that program he made about Embassy?

  • BigWoman223

    Posted by Adam Arnold

    good for him saying he wont employ people who smoke, the place I work, i’m the only one who dosent smoke and i hate the smell of smoke everyday on my clothes

  • jazzrose1

    Posted by Adam Arnold

    do ya smoke?

  • pegobuilders

    Posted by Adam Arnold

    heres a guy who can talk the talk..and as his record proves can also walk the walk!

  • EntrepreneurUK

    Posted by Adam Arnold

    Would I work for this man?
    Indeed I would, he`s the real McCoy
    A true Entrepreneur Britain and “Seekers” like me should be proud of. His road to riches is an inspiration for all of us and for that I thank and salute this man.

  • AlexLay08

    Posted by Adam Arnold

    He’s a clever guy

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