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Is Google Plus better than Facebook?

Yes, Google Plus is better than Facebook.

When Facebook first became available it was only available to university students and this was very appealing. Obviously, distributing invites around university students was a clever way to quickly expand Facebook’s user base and before long, they opened it up to the masses.

My Facebook friends list is now a cluttered mix of friends, work colleagues, random associates and people I went to school with but haven’t spoken to in over a decade. I’d be tempted to go one step further and say my Facebook friends list is pretty much everyone I know, with the exception of a few ‘older’ relatives and my ex-wife (who has me blocked :p). Consequently, I’m very careful about the information I post.

Google acknowledges the fact that people wish to share different information with different groups of people and so they created circles.  Having used circles for a week now, I can say they do the job they’re supposed to.

Assuming Google doesn’t fall into the trap of offering third party applications, I can’t see it being long before the majority of business folk make the switch. I for one really hope I never see tripe like Farmville on my Google Plus feed!

Google Plus: some numbers

According to this article on Sky News, G+ has picked up 20 million users in less than three weeks. Credit goes to Leon Håland for comparing this to Facebook and Twitter:

Google Plus vs Facebook vs Twitter

Google Plus vs Facebook vs Twitter

It’s also interesting to note that at least 75% of Google Plus users are male and in the technology sector.

Google+ invites

For a limited time, you can secure an invite to G+ by following this link. Once you’ve signed up, feel free to connect with me at

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  • James – Kimbley Computer Services

    I am currently holding out until it is launched for Google Apps users. I have it on my private Google account but don’t want people adding that account to their circles when it won’t be my main Google + account.

    • AdamArnold

      Hi James,

      I wanted to do the same but now I’ve started using it on my personal Gmail account I think I’ll probably stick with it.

      When they open up Google apps support I’ll use my e-mail to set up company profiles, assuming they’re allowed (


  • Kimbley Computer Services

    I just wish they would hurry up and launch it. They have been promising Google Profiles for business users for around 2 years but have failed to deliver.

  • echochen

    actually, most of my friends are not accustomed to use Google plus