iPhone screen protector with mirror effect (avoid HMV!!)

Earlier in the week I stumbed upon a series of iPhone review videos produced under the name Punisher08. I found the first video he had produced and a few ‘related videos’ later I was watching this little clip of a mirrored iPhone screen protector…

iPhones aside, it was quite interesting to see how Punisher08 has gone from reviewing a product he bought for himself to being the first port of call it seems for many iPhone accessory developers wanting a YouTube review. I’ve noted one or two coupon codes thrown in the videos, which I assume gives some kind of kickback, so it is refreshing to see someone (apparently) doing rather well from the old affiliate marketing game.

Back to the mirrored screen protector, well – I think it looks awesome. My first port of call was the More-Thing.com website where you can get one for $14…. not too bad. Being eager to get my hands on one I didn’t fancy waiting for postage from the US, so I moved onto eBay.

The preview window below shows the mirrored screen protector is going for £8.99, which doesn’t seem too bad…

…until you realise its way more expensive than US sellers for the same product:

With the best value for money on eBay requiring the same wait for delivery from the US, I had a gander at Amazon…

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