A belated Christmas video: Look What Santa Brought

One of my son’s favourite Christmas presents was the inflatable Mario Kart you can see in the above video.

Whilst this Wii accessory is clearly intended for young children, it supported my weight (13 stone / 182 pounds) without any problems.  According to the instructions, the kart will take up to 250 lbs – almost 18 stone – although I can guarantee you will need a tub of Vaseline to get in and out if you are of such stature!

As you can probably tell, my son had a couple of issues with the steering wheel to begin with and the result is a little bit of veering across the track.  This is purely because the steering wheel increases the effective width of the controller, meaning more effort is required to achieve the same change in direction, when compared to a ‘naked’ Wii remote. Work equals force times distance! That said, he got the hang of it after a couple more laps.

If you’re interested in getting one, you can pick one up for under £30 on Amazon.co.uk. There is more choice on Amazon.com, such as this inflatable Lightning McQueen Nintendo Wii accessory, however you’ll need to wait while the item is shipped from the states.  I had a quick check on eBay, however the story is the same: Cars 2 inflatables are only available in the USA.

Drive safely 🙂

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