iMovie – a noob friendly editing suite (that fits in your pocket)

A couple of days ago I announced my intention to start making more use of my YouTube channel, prompted by an invitation to monetise my videos. Since then, I have thrown up a couple of videos captured with my Parrot AR.Drone.

Download iMovie for iOS
£2.99 on iTunes (UK) | $4.99 on iTunes (US)

In the most recent upload, you can see my son’s first attempt at flying the AR.Drone on his own:

Considering I own absolutely none of the items you would associate with making videos (camera, tripod, MIC, computer with lots of RAM, editing suite, etc etc), I am really pleased at how these have turned out. Credit has to go to Apple for creating iMovie, which allows noob’s such as myself to drag and drop their way through video editing.

At £2.99 iMovie is far from the cheapest app on iTunes however it is cheap when you consider just how much you can do with it. OK, so I doubt my productions will be winning any awards, however the ability to splice together still images (with or without overlays), video clips, music and voice overs is quite enough for the time being.

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