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I’ll split £275,000 (you – M921) to £225,000 (me – M920) (McDonalds Monopoly 2009)

This post is a duplication of £50K if you can find Mayfair (McDonalds Monopoly 2009). I noticed the entry generated natural traffic via Google before anything else so I thought I’d make the title a bit more appealing, without losing any link juice from the original post.

Craving coffee late at night during the Easter weekend forced me into visiting the local McD’s which is now open 24/7. Slapped on the side of my order was an unexpected Monopoly token – one half of the top prize (£500,000).

A quick look on Facebook tells me M920 Park Lane is pretty well distributed. No sign of M921 Mayfair…

Anyone who has the latter therefore has an element of leverage, so there’s no reason to expect a 50/50 split of the winnings. If you have Mayfair, we can split £275,000 to £225,000. If someone happens to bring us together, I will give that person £50,000 from my share.

I’ll deal with possible disclaimers later :0)

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  • sam

    i know where to get mayfair for mcdonalds monopoly 2009

  • sam


  • Martin Toke

    If only it were that simple!

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