A couple of months ago I noticed a handful of people from my PSN friends list were viewing YouTube through an official PS3 app, although I couldn’t find it in the PlayStation Store.

If you’re wondering why I care, you need to know that YouTube is the home of an ever growing playlist featuring Scooby Doo, BatFink, Looney Toons, Tom & Jerry and, most recently, the Adventures of Tin Tin.  Obviously, this is put together for my son’s benefit but I’m pleased to note his awesome taste in cartoons 🙂

Previously, I would access this playlist by opening up YouTube in the PlayStation’s web browser however this requires constant attention, as you have to manually play a new video whenever the previous one finishes.  I had hoped that the PS3 specific YouTube app would allow me to hit play and just leave cartoons running in the background, ultimately giving me more time to play goodies & baddies, save the world and so on!

After a bit of digging, it turns out that the YouTube app is only available for Playstation users in the USA.  The question, therefore, is how do you access the US PSN store from elsewhere in the world?

The answer, it turns out, is to create a “fake” Playstation account:

To do this, all you need to do is head on over to the PSN Network and sign-up for a new account. Set your location as American and, when promoted, enter this address: I used this one…. 624 Washington Avenue, Montgomery, ALABAMA, 36130-0100. Log-into your new account on your PS3 and head to the Playstation Store, where you will be able to download the YouTube app.

If you get stuck, the video above takes you through the steps in turn.

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