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How to add an address to the Royal Mail database

How to add an address to the Royal Mail database

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Since moving into the Technology Centre, I have been trying to find out how to get my address to show up on the Royal Mail database. As it turns out it is no more difficult than sending an e-mail but as I couldn’t find anything through Google, I thought I would post this in the hope it saves someone wasting the same amount of time that I did (which shall remain undisclosed as I’d prefer it if readers didn’t think I am an idiot).

To add your record to the Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF), all you need to do is send an e-mail to, giving them details of the change. In my case I simply had to let them know that my company (Smarter SEO Limited) had taken up residence in the Wolverhampton Science Park.

Within 24 hours I had an e-mail confirming my details had been accepted and I now show up on the Royal Mail Address finder…

Smarter SEO Limited - added to Royal Mail

Smarter SEO Limited – added to Royal Mail PAF file


The same e-mail address can be used if you are registering a change of address for a business, or if you need to notify the Royal Mail of a brand new building, be that private or commercial.

You might ask why it is showing as “Smarter S E O” and this is due to the way in which their system registers addresses. I did question this and was quickly advised that the alternative would be “Smarter Seo” (note lower case) and that it might cause problems for some websites.

If you have somehow ended up on this post trying to find out how to add your address listing to Google Maps (as below), then you’ll need to register with Google Places.

View Larger Map

Either way, I hope this post has been of some asssitance.

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  • Adam_Arnold

    According to Google Analytics 100 people viewed this entry in 4 weeks since it was posted, so it looks like it is being of some use after all.

  • Kristina Boneva

    You are the only person to have posted about this, so thanks for saving me a lot of looking! I’ll drop them and email now and hope all goes well.

    Thanks for the post!

    • Adam_Arnold

      Hi Kristina,

      You’re welcome – glad I could be of some assistance!


  • Neville Subedar

    Thanks for this. Really useful!

    • Adam_Arnold

      Hi Neville,

      You are welcome. I am glad this was of some use :)


  • House Wales

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for making the effort to document this. After months of wondering how this could be done, I decided to Google it — and you came within the top three hits. That’s pretty good SEO for you, isn’t it?!

    Best regards,

    David @housewales:disqus

    We Buy Houses in South Wales
    Finders Fee always paid

    • Adam_Arnold

      Happy to help…. also quite surprised this result is lingering near the top given it’s not been updated in a while [a bit like my blog!!]

  • Ben Harris

    Thanks very much for this. Another first-page hit on Google for me, too. I’ve just e-mailed them, so hopefully that’s another job ticked off my list now!

    Ben @ BugByte Technology

  • Archaeology Resource

    Thanks so much – such a useful post!

  • Vicki Kent

    Thank you, exactly the same for me, it has been annoying us for a long time now so hopefully having sent my email it will be something I can tick off my ‘To Do’ list. Thanks for taking the time to post this.

  • tempertemper

    Great advice– thanks! Getting in touch with them now :)

  • Cliff Lay

    Thanks Adam – just what I was looking for…

  • Andy Solomon

    I also googled and your entry came up so thank you for saving me a lot of time and making the process simple

  • Oriental Mini-mart

    Thanks for sharing, really useful.

  • takethe red1s

    been waiting 3 days now. and sent 3 e mails

  • Helen Harrison

    Just wanted to add… to register a new address with Royal Mail you can also call their “address management number” on 0345 6011110 …took about two minutes if that, no waiting, then address can be seen by all databases (to change you driving license, order from “just Eat” etc.) in two working days! :D

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