For console games there are two separate sound sources: game and voice. Anyone who has played Modern Warfare 3 will have noticed problems with the latter, which can make it quite difficult to communicate with one another.

MW3: an alternative to in-game chat

About 10 days ago I signed into PSN and received a message asking for my Skype ID. When I replied, I was told to keep an eye on my computer. A few seconds later, I answered an incoming Skype call and, through my laptop’s speakers, could hear the instructions “plug your headset’s USB into your laptop”.

I removed the USB portion of my Sharkoon’s from my PS3 and popped them into my laptop and haven’t removed them since! Within 24 hours everyone on my PSN list had switched over to the Skype solution.

The benefits of Skype

The difference is astonishing. Imagine switching from a 40 inch HDTV to a 12 inch SD television: you would probably wonder how you made do with the SD box for so many years.  At the time, it was the best TV on offer, but once something better comes out your perceptions of “good” are altered indefinitely.

In addition to better voice quality, I’m convinced the Skype solution is helping my MW3 connection. Whilst I can’t really prove this, I suspect Skype handles the voice data more efficiently which leads to better connections to the host (bearing in mind MW3 uses a peer to peer system).

PS3 party chat system > XBOX Live (???)

The XBOX is way ahead of the PS3 in terms of social interaction and Microsoft’s party chat system allows users to communicate one another without the need to be in the same game.

While non-gamers assume we’re all social hermits, I’d rather spend an hour interacting with my friends on PSN than sat vegetating in front of the TV. Gaming isn’t as geeky as it was in the 90s.

Until now, this required us to be in the same party in the same game (or use a telephone!). However, using Skype means we can communicate outside of the previous boundaries, much like the XBOX Live party chat system.

However, we can even go one step further. Yesterday I was speaking to a mate driving home from work via Skype on his iPhone, whilst the rest of us engaged in virtual warfare. Now there is nothing to stop XBOX users doing the same, so don’t think I’m trying to start an XBOX vs PS3 debate.

Get Skype on your PS3 or XBOX

I’ve heard rumours that Skype is coming to the PS3. If it does, you can expect a better version on the XBOX before too long (don’t forget Microsoft now own Skype).

In the meantime, the following video should show you everything you need to know:

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