A small disclaimer: I will probably edit this post at a later date when I’ve given more thought to the narrative. For now, I just wanted to get this posted before it ends up on an ever growing “to do” (won’t do) list.

Earlier today I watched “the problem with eyewitness testimony” by Scott Fraser:

Scott Fraser studies how humans remember crimes and talks about how this can have serious consequences when legal cases hinge on witness testimony. If I may attempt to summarise this excellent presentation in just a few words, problems arise because our brains have a tendency to make things up when key information is missing.

This is something that crops up in a seemingly unrelated TED Talk – “The Art of Creating Awe”, by Rob Legato:

Rob suggests his success is down to replicating what people remembered and not what they saw.

At this point I’d like to throw in some valuable insight but, as per my opening gambit, I’m just getting the ball rolling by pointing out the link between the two videos. Brownie points welcome!

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