Honestly officer, my iPhone is lying!

I’m still hugely impressed with Apple’s creation and have even considered getting one for my personal mobile, in conjunction to the one I have for business use, despite the fact it will render the former entirely pointless (more on that later!)

I’ve downloaded a free GPS tracker from iTunes, mainly because it can provide longitute and latitute readings for any given location (more on that here!), however it also gives speed/average speed readings so I thought I’d give it a whirl in the car.

Admittedly, the application is designed for walkers/cyclists/climbers etc etc to track their movements and post them in a blog style on the internet. Although it would take a few seconds to update it was fairly accurate up to 50 – 60 mph and I can’t fault it on the distance readout.

As of yet, I haven’t fathomed how the device “lost time” but it did. When I arrived at my destination I noted an average speed of 144 mph, which is fairly impressive given my car won’t go that fast. It’s also fairly stupid if you consider there are now average speed cameras along the M40 and M42 (my journey today). Obviously, I didn’t get near that speed or come anywhere close to averaging it over 35 miles, but it is very fortunate a Police Officer didn’t stop me for my dud tail light (which is the same bulb as the brake light, which does work…. today’s problem remains unsolved thus far) and note the reading bright and clear on my iPhone, now docked in the middle of my dashboard!

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