You’ve probably heard of Orange Wednesdays. For years, Orange customers have been able to text ‘film’ to 241 to secure two for one tickets at cinemas across the UK. The offer isn’t just open to Orange mobile customers: anyone with an Orange broadband, dial-up or mobile internet connection is also eligible.

Orange Thursdays – “Orange Film To Go”

On Thursday 11th August 2011, Orange are launching a new promotion in conjunction with iTunes. Every Thursday, Orange customers will be able to download one film from iTunes, worth up to £4.49.

Orange say that the customer can watch the film at a time that suits them, although it isn’t yet clear what restrictions will be placed on downloaded content – such as sharing across multiple iOS devices or playing more than once.

Activating Orange Film To Go

Taking advantage of the deal is as easy as Orange Wednesdays. Customers can either text ‘FILMTOGO’ to 85060, use the (yet to be released) Orange Film To Go mobile app,  or  via the Orange Film to Go micro site which will allow users to download their chosen film to a personal computer.

Further details for potential Orange customers

If you’re looking to sign up to Orange, you can find more information on the links below.

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