On a grey Friday morning I found myself driving from Birmingham to Leeds for a business meeting. 5 miles from my destination the Focus developed an extremely loud rattling noise and to prevent any further damage the car was instantly dumped on the hard shoulder.

After the AA man had spent 10 minutes drooling over my throttle bodies, he declared my engine was dead. Surely, this marks the start of a very bad day?

Thanks to some frankly astonishing customer service from Will Pedley, the true nature of my fault was diagnosed that afternoon and, after a beer or three, he decided to complete a full engine rebuild overnight….

Will Pedley Racing - Ford Focus ST170 overnight engine rebuild
Will Pedley rebuilds my Focus ST170 engine overnight! Legend!

This might seem a little OTT but, at the time, my ST170 was my daily drive and I needed the car up and running so that I could see my son the next day. To say I am grateful to Will for getting me mobile again is a massive understatement.

If you want to see an engine rebuilt overnight then check out my guest post on the Will Pedley Racing blog.

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