Gran Turismo 5 (GT5) is nothing like Burnout

Towards the end of last month I posted 25 percent off GT5 at HMV, and stated Gran Turismo 5 was ‘without doubt the reason I decided to get a Playstation 3’ late in 2007.

There are a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly, I’m a huge fan of driving in general. I’ve been on track days, rally days and skid pan courses amongst other things. I would say wanting to be F1 World Champion was definitely my number 1 childhood wish, justĀ  ahead of captaining the England Football team.

Secondly, I owned the original Gran Turismo ‘the real driving simulator’ on the Playstation 1 – before I was old enough to ride a scooter let alone drive a car. The realism of the game had me completely hooked and GT5 prologue, which was essentially a demo of what to expect in Gran Turismo 5 yet sold as a standalone game, recaptured that interest in driving simulators.

In the meantime I’ve had to make do with the Burnout franchise. While this game is hugely entertaining it is completely unrealistic. The driving nut within me needs something more – and the Gran Turismo series caters for that.

Despite Gran Turismo 5 stating it is a driving simulator on the box, sadly not everyone is aware of this and the game has received some terrible reviews online, such as the video below from Ken Burton – a director with Machinima gaming. Having attained gold in this event only yesterday, I found the video highly amusing and I hope you do too!

Whilst most of Ken’s rant is totally pointless, he does mention that the game will disqualify you for almost anything. This is true but only in special events such as this one on the Top Gear test track. The special events are meant to be challenging and as such you are prevented from taking shortcuts or using other cars as barriers. Similar rules apply to the licence tests but for the bulk of the races in this game you can choose to cut corners and run other cars off the road if that’s how you like to approach games like this!

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