Good karma: bikes, CVs & Mac Repair (Birmingham, UK)

En-route to a NYE party, I spotted a motorcyclist in real trouble on the Hagley Road (Birmingham, UK). He was obstructing the junction I was about to use, so there was no way of avoiding the issue.

At first, I thought he was drunk and would be the recipient of a dressing down. As I got closer I was concerned the rider was having some kind of medical emergency (stoke?) and reached for my handset in case I needed to call an ambulance.

As it turns out, the rider had managed to stall his bike and was struggling to prevent it from falling over. I positioned my car behind his bike, slapped on my hazards and jumped out. In no time, the bike was back in the upright position and the rider was on his way, thanking me countless times in the process.

2012: more deposits to my karma account

I ended 2011 with a good deed (motorcycle incident, I am not inferring anything about the NYE party) and am kicking off 2012 with a couple more.

Tomorrow I’m off to help a friend set-up an online CV in the hope it improves his changes of finding a job after his former employer went belly up in December.

And, right now, I am letting you know that Kimbley Computer Services are offering Mac Repair to anyone in or around the Birmingham area. I noticed this little fact whilst browsing G+ earlier on this evening and thought a little shout out would fit in well with this very random post.

This is a competitive industry (search term wise) and a link from here can’t do any harm. Good luck with the new venture, James!

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