For Sale: White iPhone 3G 16gb ver. 3.0

I signed up for a three year deal with O2 last September, taking an iPhone 3G – 16GB version – in white, on the heavy user business tariff. At the time I could have sworn unlimited text messages were included within the bundle, however my first couple of bills suggested otherwise.

Initially, dialling 8002 (the number I was told to call) gave me a message about needing to be a business user and cut me off, although this turned out to be something about my SIM card being registered incorrectly in the O2 store ‘at birth’. This was soon sorted and a free upgrade to unlimited text messages came soon after. Good work, O2!

In February I added two further handsets to the bundle, for around £15 per month per phone. The handsets share my 5,000 unlimited cross-network anytime minutes and have their own unlimited text bundles at no additional charge. More good work O2.

This morning I called up to enquire about switching my data plan from one number to another, as I’m changing numbers for vanity reasons. I was told, sure – no problem. I thought I might as well enquire about the new iPhone 3G-S and without any need to negotiate was offered a free 16GB or 32GB variant, in black or white. Top stuff.

With the above said and done, the title of this post should come as no surprise. And here she is – White iPhone 3G 16 gb

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Adam Arnold is a 20(ish), father & founder of the Smarter Group; a member of CTVF500; Entrepreneur in Residence @ Wolves Uni; SPEED+ Mentor & an #sbs winner.

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