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Facebook Down 23 Sept 2010

That’s right, Facebook is DOWN.

Here’s a video to (a) keep you entertained or (b) highlight how stupid you look right now!

If (b) applies don’t forget to update your Facebook Status. Oh, wait…


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  • Mike Price

    Haha. I found your site searching for Facebook service updates. This isn’t quite what I had in mind but thanks for the video!!

  • Jack

    Epic fail!

    Let’s hope my brother didn’t capture my reaction to Facebook being down!!!!!

  • Unknown user

    I saw this video when it first came out and it is still hilarious.

  • Facebook fail

    olymp trade демо счет
    אזרחות פורטוגלית
    Mark Zuckerberg is worth like 600 billion dollars and can’t afford to pay his hosts. And I can’t tell my friends I need a dump. Sort it out Facebook!

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