YouTube Partnership is the holy grail for many content creators. It doesn’t cost anything to join the Partner Program but you do need to meet certain criteria. If accepted you will notice more options for customising your channel; your videos will receive greater exposure; and you will have access to additional resources. Oh – you can also monetise your content.

What you can earn from being a YouTube Partner is shrouded in mystery, however it is safe to say the program provides greater earning potential than the option of placing adverts on videos, which is now available to anyone who uploads content.

YouTube Partner Networks

If you’re just starting out, your channel simply won’t meet the criteria for becoming a YouTube Partner. Whist you might be putting out great content, you won’t be getting the kind of exposure they’re looking for.

So do you wait whilst you grow your channel? Unless you catch a lucky break this can take a long, long time. I’ve been putting content onto my dedicated gaming channel for more than 6 months and I’ve only just gone past 150 subscribers. To me, having 150 ‘subs’ is an awesome feeling so I’ll stick at it but many people just give up.

Alternatively you might want to look at a YouTube Partnership Network. In essence you’re teaming up with other content creators who, on the whole, meet the eligibility criteria. There are many out there but I want to point you in the direction of one founded by a friend of mine…..

Exonia provide a unique YouTube Partnership Opportunity, for the simple reason they are partnered with YouTube directly. Consequently, Exonia offers higher earning potential than other networks.

The full list of benefits include:

Monetize: We give you the ability to generate revenue from your online content via advertising.
Features: You will get all the YouTube partnership features, including customizable banners and thumbnails.
Growth: We will help you supercharge your channel growth.
Ownership: You retain full ownership and control over your channel.
Transparency: Track your earnings with direct access to your analytics.
Support: We are here to help, if you ever have any problems we will be there to assist.

Interested? Apply to Exonia using this form.

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