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ESTEMPLE analysis (inc. PEST, PESTLE)

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ESTEMPLE analysis has been devised by business / management types to extend upon the basic PEST framework for investigating external factors that may effect any given business.

Had I invested less in the liquid offerings of the Students’ Union  I could probably reference the text book or lecturer that provided this gem of information, alas you’ll just have to make do with an actual explanation:


You can use the information generated in many ways, often it’ll get plugged into the marketing mix. In recent months there have been some huge Economic forces coming into play and these need to be considered in respect of your overall market position, which includes product offerings, pricing etc etc.

If you popped ESTEMPLE in Google and stumbled upon this post, I hope it helped; previously you would have found this entry on search engine optmisation due to its ‘ESTEMPLE analysis‘ tag. Why is that? Well, I’m not entirely sure. Google has ranked #1/#2 in the SERPs for ESTEMPLE / ESTEMPLE analysis searches for the past 6 months, based on a single tag!

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