Dragons’ Den: The Dragons’ Stories: Duncan Bannatyne’s Story

Series revealing the lives of the Dragons’ Den dragons. What happens after the deal is done? How did the dragons make their millions? And what are they really like? In the final programme of the series, it is Duncan Bannatyne’s turn to open the door into his multi-millionaire world. Having grown up in the shadow of the shipyards of Clydebank, Duncan had a number of scathes with the law before starting his first business, selling Ice Cream

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  1. Posted by Adam Arnold

    why are people basing their estimations of the dragons wealth on single items like cars/yachts they’ve seen in one episode – duncan is by far the richest dragon with a worth of 310mil the next down is about 160mil

  2. Posted by Adam Arnold

    Read Duncan Bannatynes “Anybody can do it”.
    Reading that book was the biggest kick up the ass and motivates me to this day to make something of my life whilst I am alive and living it day to day

  3. Posted by Adam Arnold

    Definately NOT the richest, nor is it Deborah Meadon.
    Its either Peter Jones (tight lipped about his fortune- but in Media and Telecoms its gotta be huge) or James Caan (did you see the size of his “Yacht”?)

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