While surround sound headsets can be used for watching films or listening to music, they are more commonly found atop the heads of better than average gamers.

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If I can quickly take you back to January 2009, I picked up a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and found myself having a less than enjoyable gaming experience. Whilst this got better as I learned the maps and discovered which weapons, perks and killstreaks suited my play style, I still found myself losing out to players who seemed to know I was coming.

A friend asked me what headset I was using and laughed at my answer. Apparently my Bluetooth earpiece (formerly paired with a mobile phone) doesn’t count as a headset in the context of gaming.

Before long, I picked up a Sharkoon X-Tactic V3 [US link], which is essentially a European version of the Tritton AX Pro [US link]. I now enjoy games (as well as TV & music) in full 5.1 dolby surround sound and now I’m the one who knows when my opponent is nearby!

The following video is borrowed from YouTube partner Woodysgamertag and compares a gaming headset to a standard (and expensive) surround sound speaker set-up.

Surround sound speakers vs a surround sound gaming headset

Finally, if you’re a gamer and aren’t quite sure whether you should fork out for a decent headset, the following video from another big YouTuber should help with your decision.

Mike, more commonly known as Onslaught, is an absolute beast at first person shooters and he firmly believes that a surround sound headset will make you a better player:

Buy a gaming headset and become a better player

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