Christmas Turkeys for sale – unbeatable prices

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No, I’m not kidding. I really can sell you a Christmas Turkey – up to 250,000 of them should you have the appetite.

A random conversation led me to one of the UK’s biggest turkey suppliers and the fact they are closing down this year. Times change, and its more profitable to use the space as cold storage these days so the company is allowing sales to the general public for the first time to help free up the space.

Full details are TBC but I have checked and can confirm these turkeys can be delivered at a price you won’t beat elsewhere. The company in question has/does stock giants such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s, so you’re talking about the same turkeys at around half the price you would pay in store.

A full turkey price list will be added shortly. In the meantime, if you’re interested in getting your hands on one (or more), leave me a comment. Your e-mail address won’t be published but it will allow me to contact you with prices!

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  1. Are you able to deliver to shops or is this just for individuals? We’d need 50-100 Turkeys throughout December…..

  2. Please e-mail me a full price list when available. I have been tasked with getting all of the Christmas Turkeys for our work end of year party (I’m in Catering!!) so I’m gathering quotes at the moment. Thanks, Paul.

  3. I’m guessing these don’t fly as far as western Canada? Shame, there’s a shortage of cheap ones over here… Probably swop you for a goose though.

  4. Have you any left and if so could you give me some idea of the cost of a medium sized Turkey, and whether you deliver to Ripple (on Glos Border) or if we can collect if you are near

  5. Yipes, I’ve just started getting enquires for 2010 Christmas Turkeys.

    This was done as a favour for someone last year, however I shall enquire as to whether or not they are still selling Turkeys and let everyone know prices/delivery times etc.

    – Adam

  6. I should have details sent out to everyone by Wednesday – I’m meeting with the supplier on Wednesday at the Good Food Show to obtain this year’s pricelist (this post was originally made for Christmas 2009).


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